Our Firm

The pioneer and industry veteran in advising Integrated Investor Relations in Malaysia

Esente is the pioneer and industry veteran in advising Integrated Investor Relations in Malaysia. We were once in your position; having to navigate through the investment and media community without proper guidance; hence, we gave birth to the IR Service Framework. Comprised of an enthusiastic team with diverse backgrounds from investment banking, accounting to media and mass communications, Esente serves a portfolio of award-winning industry leaders and have been the 1st choice in over 100 public listed companies ranging from property & construction, technology, healthcare, financial services, energy, transportation & logistics, industrial & consumer products & services and many more in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. We have consulted on some of the largest Initial Public Offerings ("IPO") with a combined market capitalisaton in the tens of billions of Ringgit.

Why Esente?


Here at Esente, we understand that every company is different, and that is why we kick off every engagement getting to know you, your business, your motivations, your investment thesis, your growth strategies and even your competition. Our programs are tailored to you with an evolving strategy to adapt to change, growth, opportunities and even crisis.


Create effective strategies tailored specifically to each and every one of our clients, and further backed by strong content production as well as our expansive local and regional relationships within the investment and media community.


You get to leverage on our multiple expertise to complement your business leaving you time to focus on your business as you get a team with breadth and depths of expertise that comes with decades of working with public listed companies and the capital markets.


Today more than ever, building valuable Shareholder relationships requires a sustained and proactive approach together with a proven partner. We have a proven track record in developing strategies to give you meaningful interactions and crucial engagement with the investment community and the media.

Why should I hire an external PR & IR firm?

Contact us to find out. Depending on your current needs, we can provide a customised service which is tailored to your specific requirements and goals.